What to Expect With Your First Visit at Aquarius Chiropractic

The Initial Consultation:

Your first visit will run 30-45 minutes.


Specific and individualized questions pertaining to your pain will be asked to understand how your problem occurred. Questions concerning past medical history, surgery, medication, and family medical history will be required so please be aware of these aspects and bring any necessary medical records, MRI reports, and or X-ray reports with you.


The History allows our doctor of chiropractic to conduct a focused exam in terms of how and where we need to start with orthopaedic tests, functional tests, neurological tests, soft tissue assessment, and joint assessment in an attempt to find a test, range of motion, or position that reproduces your symptoms. Based on this exam we are able to target the specific pain generators causing the problem and how it relates with the body as a whole.


To determine an accurate diagnosis, we must find specific pieces in the puzzle and then place them in the right location. Gathering the pieces requires objective, critical thinking and a great deal of experience with soft tissue, and joint related problems. Our objective is to determine the exact structure responsible for your pain and in what way it is irritated or damaged due to biomechanical overload. We will identify and address if there is anything else that is contributing to your pain assessing the body as a whole and give a common, recognizable name for your complaint.


Treatment will consist of traditional chiropractic manipulation and specific soft tissue therapies in conjunction with targeted home exercise prescription to support the recovery and prevention of your pain.


Once we have determined your diagnosis, recommendations and treatment options will be discussed explaining your situation in a detailed way you can understand indicating number of treatments needed and prognosis for a complete recovery.

Subsequent Visits:

Each visit is a diagnostic and treatment process and we will have you report your progress each time you visit us. We constantly monitor your situation and adjust treatment as necessary. Follow-up visits take approximately 15 minutes.

Progress Questionnaire:

Should your injury be from a motor vehicle accident every few visits we ask you to fill out a short questionnaire which we use to formally track your progress.


Not all problems get 100% better, particularly if there is continued load (i.e. work demands) or underlying pathology. If this is the case, maintenance treatment may be necessary. Maintenance schedules vary widely from patient to patient. We do everything we can to avoid this possibility.

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#210-179 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604.605.5800

Hours of Operation:

9:00 am - 6:30 pm Monday-Friday

Open every 1st Saturday morning of the month (except holidays) by appointment