Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem that affects approximately 50% to 70% of U.S. residents at least once in their lives (2). A common cause of neck pain can potentially be a result of poor posture, and poor neck muscular endurance, commonly seen with desk jobs. As a result, the corresponding musculature becomes tight and looses circulation, ultimately triggering a cascade of events that leads to internal scar tissue formation. Range of motion loss and discomfort is a common result. Other more obvious causes include whiplash and headaches, among other things.

Is Spinal Manipulative Therapy of Neck Safe?

Chiropractic and the use of spinal manipulative therapy is a safe non-surgical drug-free approach to healthcare for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions (1). That being said, our healthcare providers will acknowledge any concerns patients may have, and will alter treatment strategies accordingly and/or refer patients when necessary for further evaluation.


Neck pain, in most cases, can be dealt with successfully, assuming the right procedures are undertaken. Adopting an active care role and determining goals and objectives is essential. It should be noted that spinal manipulative therapy is a tailored skill and thus it is encouraged that an individual goes to a skilled chiropractor who will conduct a safe, effective adjustment, rather than to other professionals who are not adequately trained for this procedure.

At Aquarius Chiropractic, we personalize your care formulating effective diagnosis and treatment strategies beginning with the identification of the underlying causes and contributing factors as they uniquely pertain to you. Patients are treated according to their specific needs, goals and objectives. This may involve treatment at Aquarius Chiropractic alone, or may involve treatment in conjunction with another health professional. Take control of your pain, knowing that we are fully committed to providing quality non-surgical drug-free care.


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