Vancouver Ergonomic Consulting

Aquarius Chiropractic offers office ergonomic assessments and education to better meet company needs.

...In a nut shell:

Aquarius Chiropractic offers comprehensive individual assessment for employees who have ongoing musculoskeletal discomfort, documented injury, or significant ergonomic issues in their work area performed in person at the employee’s desk.  The employee’s stature is evaluated in relation to their work station layout and is assisted immediately in making changes feasible to the equipment currently being used to reduce and help prevent injury and minimize musculoskeletal discomfort.  Our Chiropractor is a trained ergonomist and biomechanist and will educate the employee on appropriate postures to reduce symptoms, and make additional recommendations (if necessary) for specific ergonomic equipment.  Following the onsite assessment a detailed report is provided indicating the faults and risks of the work station as it pertains to each employee and what can be done to resolve the issues along with any recommended equipment solutions.

It is best to contact us directly to discuss your companies needs so we can tailor our services to your organization and help establish the risk levels and ergonomic needs.  Contact Dr. Jonathan Gerrard, B.Sc., D.C. at 604.605.5800.

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#210-179 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604.605.5800

Hours of Operation:

9:00 am - 6:30 pm Monday-Friday

Open every 1st Saturday morning of the month (except holidays) by appointment